The Blue Note at Sea Experience – A Musical Mosaic

There is an adage in the charter cruise world that goes something like this….if you have to explain your cruise, it will not attract guests. Our legacy cruise programs, The Jazz Cruise and The Smooth Jazz Cruise, need no introduction or explanation. For over 20 years, Jazz Cruises has produced nearly 50 sailings of those programs. The names of the cruises clearly announce their purpose. “Straight ahead jazz” will be presented on The Jazz Cruise and the finest “smooth jazz” will be offered on The Smooth Jazz Cruise.

The Blue Note at Sea Experience is different. Its title does not reveal fully its content and direction, so this program does require an explanation…only this time, the “inside story” will be an attraction, not a distraction.

Starting today, and continuing twice a month (on Wednesdays) through August, we will share with you every secret, back story and element of this amazing program. We will share the views of musicians, guests and those who make this amazing cruise happen. You will hear their passion, their commitment and their pride in presenting a cruise program that spans music interests, life interests and more.

In combination, these interests and goals form the musical mosaic we call the Blue Note at Sea Experience, a cruise program where… GREAT MUSIC is the ONLY RULE! We cannot wait to share this story with you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Click here to read Mosaic Element #1: Main Shows Featuring Amazing Headliners.

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