Cyrille Aimée Brings Her Unique Gifts and Sound to Blue Note at Sea

There are certain artists who seem to fit no matter what the setting. The dynamic vocalist Cyrille Aimée is definitely in that category. With her signature Gypsy-influenced vocal stylings, Cyrille has been a favorite of Jazz Cruises guests since her debut back in 2013. The daughter of a French father and Dominican mother, Cyrille blends her cultural roots into a unique and colorful sound that is one part gypsy swing, one part French chanteuse and one part bebop jazz.  And after relocating to New Orleans, the charismatic singer added electronic looping and beatboxing to her repertoire.

The Wall Street Journal called her “one of the most promising jazz singers of her generation” and she’s shared her story via masterclasses, a TEDx talk, and an address at the Conference on World Affairs. It all adds up to a performer perfectly suited for Blue Note at Sea, where Great Music is the ONLY Rule!

That’s why we’re thrilled to have Cyrille sailing with us in 2023 and she is excited too! We caught up with her earlier this month, and asked her a few questions…

Q: You have sailed on many of the programs of Jazz Cruises, but, recently, you indicated that Blue Note at Sea was your favorite gig of the year?  Tell us why you feel that way, please.

As artists we meet our peers on the road many times, at festivals, for example, but we never have time to sit down and enjoy a full show! I love that I can catch all my favorite artists and friends in just a short walk! Also it’s so nice to not have to pack up my whole suitcase after every gig.

Q: We understand that you will be performing on Blue Note at Sea supported by the Emmet Cohen Trio. That sounds like a great pairing.  Your thoughts?

I love playing with Emmet!  I am so excited to swing hard! It’s nice sometimes to play with a different band and see what works!

Q: There are a lot of superstars, besides yourself, sailing in ’23.  Is there anyone in the lineup that you are excited to see and hear in person either for the first time or just someone you enjoy?

I’m sooo excited to see Brad Meldhau, and also super excited to hang with my buddy and compatriot Cecile McLorin Salvant!

Are you ready to sail with Cyrille in 2023? A great selection of staterooms remain. Check out pricing and availability here.

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