Morgan James

“A phenomenal talent whose feel for classic soul music is bone deep…This woman is on fire.” — The New York Times

When talking about Morgan James, it’s best to start with the voice – an instrument through which she can communicate anything. A gift bestowed upon her that she has expertly trained, meticulously nurtured, and passionately galvanized into action by an urgency to make real music. Next, the stories, and she has them in spades. They are full of truth and beauty, heartache and thoughtfulness. They reveal colors we weren’t expecting to see. They make us close our eyes and relate. And finally, the soul – the emotional and intellectual energy through which these parts are fueled. That special something that prompted The Wall Street Journal to herald her as “the most promising young vocalist to come along so far this century.” Morgan James is a soul singer and one voice is all it takes. The right vocalist can make you fall in love at first listen, elicit tears or bring you back to a different era altogether. A microphone and a stage remain the only necessities. That holds true for New York-based soul singer, songwriter, and Broadway actress Morgan James.

Morgan’s latest full album Nobody’s Fool is a luminous love letter to 90s R&B, featuring nine brand new songs, and one cover of Jeff Buckley‘s “Everybody Here Wants You”; the release of which culminated in a 60 city US tour with her band. The album is her third original soul album recorded at the world-class Memphis Magnetic Recording, along with Memphis Magnetic and A Very Magnetic Christmas, both recorded live to analog tape.

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