Randy Jacobs

Randy Jacobs, a San Francisco native raised in Detroit, embarked on his music career at the tender age of 13. He started by working with Motown’s renowned writers, producers, and artists, gaining experience while developing his unique no-plectrum playing style.

One of Jacobs’ early breakthroughs was co-authoring the Top-Five R&B hit, “Wide Receiver,” alongside former Miles Davis bassist and singer Michael Henderson. His journey continued with Was (Not Was), where he co-authored the Top-Ten hit “Walk the Dinosaur.” Jacobs also played a pivotal role in Soul Mission, a gospel R&B project featuring artists like Tata Vega, Mavis Staples, Booker T. Jones, and Steve Cropper, releasing a record for Sony/Epic Records.

In 1994, Randy Jacobs established his own band, The Boneshakers, where he expressed his fusion of funk, blues, R&B, rock, and soul. He released several albums, including Book of Spells and Shake the Planet featuring Sweetpea Atkinson on vocals.

Jacobs expanded his horizons by collaborating on the critically acclaimed I-10 Chronicles series and the Bill and Bonnie Hearn project. In 2005, he ventured into jazz-influenced solo instrumental music with From Me To You featuring notable artists.

Now, with his latest release, The Return Of Randy Dynamite, Jacobs explores his instrumental music capabilities further. He revisits songs from his high school years and combines them with new compositions. The album, recorded live in the studio, showcases a talented lineup, including Gregg Bissonette on drums, Jervonni Collier on bass, Jon Gilutin on keys, and percussionist Lenny Castro. Renowned musicians like Rick Braun, Teddy Zig Zag, Paul Shilt’s Weimar and others contribute to the album’s vibrant sound.

Randy Jacobs’ illustrious career has seen him collaborate with a diverse range of artists, from Robbie Williams to B.B. King, reflecting his versatility and unwavering passion for music.

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